Therapeutic Change: Developing a Practice Framework


Counselling and psychotherapy are fundamentally about the process of human change. In recent years, research has provided a clearer understanding of key change principles. Establishing a trusting relationship, identifying a clearer sense of self and self-direction, increased insight and awareness, and reality testing are some of these important keys. In this online short course, Dr O’Hara synthesises research and clinical evidence and outlines what engenders and supports the human change process. There are five sections in this course each with video presentations, reflective questions, and readings. This professional development opportunity is suitable for mental health practitioners and helping professionals interested in expanding their own practice framework.  On completion of the course a CPD certificate will be available.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this online workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognise key elements involved in therapeutic change and appreciate the interrelatedness of each of these elements
  2. Explore the theory and evidence that relates to each of the elements of therapeutic change
  3. Reflect on developing one’s own practice framework in the light of identified change principles.
Short Courses
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This is an online course consisting of 5 sections and can be begun at any time.

Online $90

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