Customising CPD

It is important to provide the staff of your organisation with targeted and meaningful professional development experiences. Professional development adds knowledge and skills to your team, and it is important that the learning fits with the vision and needs of your organisation. While a range of  quality CPD offerings is available 'off the shelf', these may not meet the specific needs of your unique team or organisation at a given time. Effective CPD not only upskills professionals, it can also propel your organisation in new and exciting directions.

Our experienced CPD design team will collaborate with you to create cutting-edge training and support, tailored to the exact needs and vision of your organisation.

Our approach to customising CPD follows a developmental sequence involving:

With the advent of powerful online delivery platforms it is possible to design CPD to be delivered via online, face-to-face or blended modes. Mixed mode delivery caters well for a variety of learning styles and provides flexibility and increased time efficiency. Our team looks forward to supporting your organisation's vision by designing and facilitating tailored CPD programs and material for your staff.  To make contact, please phone or email us.

Customised CPD Design