Working with Identity and Goals in Counselling & Psychotherapy

There are many things that contribute to therapeutic change. People usually come to counselling because some aspect of their life is not working as well as they would like. Most often clients identify a problem issue or a life challenge they wish to explore and resolve. Once the problem is described and explored, working goals are identified and the therapist and client work collaboratively towards reaching these goals.

One of the interesting qualities of a goal is that it is a tangible representation of a person's self or identity. It is an expression of their values and how they wish to be in the world. In other words, a goal is an outward identification of the Self.

While this is the case, identifying realistic personal goals and finding and facilitating strategies which enable goals to be reached is usually an involved process.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Facilitate clients’ explorations of their real self and its challenges
  • Enable clients to link the genuine or real self with realistic and authentic goals
  • Help client distinguish between life problems and life goals
  • Explore an integrated use of theory and strategies to aid clients reach their goals


This is a half-day workshop which will be a mixture of theoretical presentations and practical activities designed to provide participants with a clear link between theory and practice which can applied to their own life and be incorporated into their counselling practice.    

About the Presenter

Professor of Denis O’Hara has a background in education, counselling, and psychology and is currently Professor of Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Director of the Hope Research and Practice Institute, and Adjunct Professor at Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Professor O’Hara has researched extensively in the areas of hope studies and psychotherapeutic change, among other topics, and has published widely. He has written several books on the significance of hope in therapeutic change. He is an experienced teacher and presenter and enjoys providing professional development.

CPD Credits

A CPD certificate will be issued on completion.

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3 hour Workshop
10:00am -1:00pm
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Australian College of Applied Psychology
Ground Floor, East Tower,
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On-site Workshop $70


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