Hope in Practice (HiP): Facilitating Therapeutic Change

Counselling and psychotherapy are fundamentally about the process of human change. In recent years, research has provided a clearer understanding of the elements involved in change. Establishing a trusting relationship, identifying and exploring client self-identity and goals, and enabling reflective play, are important keys. In this one-day workshop, Professor O’Hara will explore such elements of the change process and provide participants with opportunities to practice facilitating therapeutic change using the HiP framework to guide preferred practice styles.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise key elements of therapeutic change and appreciate the interrelatedness of each of these elements
  • Discuss the theory and evidence that relates to each of the elements of therapeutic change
  • Explore ways to incorporate the elements of change into one’s own practice of therapy
  • Practice facilitating the change process


Session 1: Reviewing theories of therapeutic change

Session 2: Introducing key elements of therapeutic change

Session 3: Exploring change elements in depth

Session 4: Applying the principles and strategies of change


  • This workshop is usually run as a one-day workshop but is now being offered as online learning modules.
  • The workshop combines research, theoretical input,online exercises, and small and large group discussion.
  • The workshop is appropriate for training and practising counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and other mental health professionals.

About the Presenter

Professor of Denis O’Hara is a well-known Australia academic and practitioner. He has a background in education, counselling, and psychology and is currently Professor of Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and Co-Director of the Hope Research and Practice Institute. Professor O’Hara has researched extensively in the areas of hope studies and psychotherapeutic change, among other topics, and has published widely. He has written several books on the significance of hope in therapeutic change. He is an experienced teacher and presenter and enjoys providing professional development.

CPD Credits

A CPD certificate will be issued on completion.

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6 hour Workshop
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On-site Workshop $90


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