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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops

Couples Therapy: A Focus on Differentiation and Attachment

Working with couples is both rewarding and challenging, largely due to the fact that couples’ issues are longstanding and complex. We all bring our family of origin history, our personality, and life...

Working with Couples: An Integrative Approach

Counsellors and family therapists are often asked to help couples resolve relationship difficulties, often at a stage when their issues have become entrenched and the couple is ‘stuck’. Working with...

Working with Trauma Experiences

As therapists and mental health professionals we all want to increase our effectiveness in helping people recover from traumatic experiences. Trauma responses are varied, being expressed in many...

Exploring Identity, Meaning, and Play in Therapy

About this Event One of the tasks of the therapists is to help people clarify meaning in life and to identify fulfilling and valued personal life and therapy goals. One of the difficulties of this...

Working with Challenging Clients in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Description The Australian College of Applied Psychology Industry & Alumni Team is excited to host Professor Denis O'Hara to present our next professional development session in Brisbane on:...

Working with Identity and Goals in Counselling & Psychotherapy

There are many things that contribute to therapeutic change. People usually come to counselling because some aspect of their life is not working as well as they would like. Most often clients...

Hope in Practice (HiP): Facilitating Therapeutic Change

Counselling and psychotherapy are fundamentally about the process of human change. In recent years, research has provided a clearer understanding of the elements involved in change. Establishing a...

Counselling For Depression: A Humanistic Approach

A comprehensive and practical approach to working with people struggling with depression.

Enhancing Learning 1: Secure and Enabling Learning Environments for Children and Adolescents

People inherently want to learn but are often hindered from doing so. Children and adolescents in particular, are enthused and motivated by stimulating learning environments and will naturally pursue...

Enhancing Learning 2: Optimal Learning Frameworks

Children and adolescents enjoy learning when they feel safe, have a positive sense of social belonging, and find the topic and learning experience stimulating and enjoyable. This might seem like a...

Short Courses

Therapeutic Change: Developing a Practice Framework

Overview Counselling and psychotherapy are fundamentally about the process of human change. In recent years, research has provided a clearer understanding of key change principles. Establishing a...

Personal & Professional Communication (Complete Course)

Building understanding and developing skills in personal and professional communication.

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (Module 1)

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.

Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills (Module 2)

Developing Skills in Interpersonal Communication.

Customised CPD Design

Customising CPD

It is important to provide your organisation with targeted and meaningful professional development experiences.