Working with Trauma Experiences

Trauma is a topic which raises many questions, such as "How should trauma be defined?" and "What are key components of recovery?" Some definitions confine trauma to experiences of severe life threat, while others see it as a response to extremely upsetting situations which temporarily overwhelm an individual’s internal resources (Briere, 2006). Responses to traumatic experiences can also be categorised as either being generic in type or more complex. However trauma is defined and whatever form it takes, the effects of trauma impact people’s lives in quite profound and often dramatic ways. One of the challenges that people suffering from trauma experiences is a loss of hope for recovery.

In this online workshop, the nature of trauma and the range of accompanying symptoms will be identified and approaches to treatment will be explored. Hope for recovery will be addressed as a foundational therapeutic change factor.


  • The workshop combines research, theoretical input, online exercises, and group discussion.
  • The workshop is appropriate for training and student counsellors, practising counsellors and psychotherapists, counselling psychologists, and other mental health professionals.

About the Presenter

Professor of Denis O’Hara is a well-known Australia academic and practitioner. He has a background in education, counselling, and psychology and is Co-Director of the Hope Research and Practice Institute and Adjunct Professor of Counselling at Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Professor O’Hara has researched extensively in the areas of hope studies and psychotherapeutic change, among other topics, and has published widely. He has written several books on the significance of hope in therapeutic change. He is an experienced teacher and presenter and enjoys providing professional development.

CPD Credits

A CPD certificate will be issued on completion.

Registration: Registration can be purchased through this website or through the Eventbrite link below.


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2 hours
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Friday, 31st July 2020

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