Enhancing Learning 3: Fostering Hope & Resilience In Children & Adolescents

Brief Overview

The demand on teachers, youth workers and allied health professionals to support children and adolescents in their self-efficacy and mental health has increased substantially. Research has demonstrated that those with the qualities of hope and resilience are more likely to thrive and succeed in life. This workshop provides professionals with the knowledge and skills to support children and adolescents in their capacity to hope and gain resilience and confidence in their learning, social relations, and personal growth.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Problems and challenges of child and adolescent development
  • The importance of epistemic trust
  • The nature and benefits of hope
  • The nature and actions of resilience
  • The interrelationship of epistemic trust, hope and resilience
  • Developing epistemic trust
  • Discovering sources of hope and resilience
  • Developing strategies for engendering trust, hope and resilience in children and adolescents


The CPD module is comprised of 6-hours of online study over one week, plus a 1-day workshop.  The overall approach is collaborative in its focus and prioritises shared learning experiences for participants. If you are seeking research and practice-informed insights into how to better meet the needs of your students by utilising optimal learning frameworks, this CPD program will be a refreshing experience of rich information and shared experience. 

CPD Credits

A CPD certificate will be issued on completion.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops
Duration Delivery Mode Pricing Start Dates Location Availability

Approx. 6 hours online available over 1 Week + 1-Day workshop

Blended $240

Online materials available, 15th July 2019
Workshop, Saturday 27th July 2019

Brisbane Yes
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