Enhancing Learning 2: Optimal Learning Frameworks

Children and adolescents enjoy learning when they feel safe, have a positive sense of social belonging, and find the topic and learning experience stimulating and enjoyable. This might seem like a tall order but we all actually enjoy learning when the conditions are conducive. An important dimension of facilitating learning is the learning or pedagogical framework. Of course, there needs to be appropriate content for students to learn but learning content will be assimilated when the conditions for its assimilation are optimal. This workshop focuses on identifying and promoting key elements of optimal learning frameworks and environments. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Brief review of learning theories
  • Emotions and learning
  • Theories of action
  • Embodied learning
  • Digital learning pedagogy
  • Learning design



The CPD module is comprised of 6-hours of online study over one week, plus a 1-day workshop.  The overall approach is collaborative in its focus and prioritises shared learning experiences for participants. If you are seeking research and practice-informed insights into how to better meet the needs of your students by utilising optimal learning frameworks, this CPD program will be a refreshing experience of rich information and shared experience. 


CPD Credits

A CPD certificate will be issued on completion.


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Approx. 6 hours online available over 1 Week + 1-Day Workshop

Blended $95

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